This product is excellent for men and women, especially men suffering from everyday skin issues like Pseudolitis ( razor bumps), Folliculitis ( barbers itch). Traumatic, pimples, keloid, and scarring. After shaving, the hair curls into the skin, causing fluid, buildup, and irritation. After shaving, the skin should be nourished and free from certain pomade and waxes with acid and alcohol base. The two cause the skin to clog and develops skin rashes irritation. By choosing all-natural products like Bumps -Be-Gone, these are the benefits:

Nourish and protect skin
Healthy skin cells.
It has an increased cell turnover.
The oil combination promotes blood circulation to each skin cell.
It helps to repair damaged skin cells.
Rejuvenating and brightening skin
Smooth and relieve itch and irritation
Softens Moisturizes and conditions skin
Replenish and hydrate

Jojoba oil, olive oil, Oregano, Manuka oil, almond oil, shea butter. Aloe Vera, tea tree oil, horsetail, thyme, lavender, rosemary, Chamomile. Cedarwood, Ginger, Peppermint, Cinnamon, turmeric Eucalyptus, Rosemary, geranium, and other ingredients include black pepper oil.

Bumps -Be-Gone