This shampoo cleanses down to the scalp with circulating tingling action. It is Infused with healthy oils and stimulating essential oils, not like any other shampoo. African black soap does an adequate job of cleansing your skin, ridding it of dirt, grime, dead cells, excess sebum, and germs. However, unlike other shampoo, African black soap does not completely strip your skin, scalp, and hair of its natural oils, thereby keeping it smooth and moisturized in addition to cleansing it. Good for sensitive scalp, soothes & heals eczema.
The ingredients in African black soap have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which soothe and calm eczema. Instead of using harsh commercial soaps and body washes for eczema, lather up with African black soap instead and notice how helped your skin feels afterward!


Reduces Blemishes & Dark Spots
One of the miraculous properties of African black soap is its ability to reduce blemishes and even skin discolorations. The nutrient-rich ingredients have something to do with this skin-lightening effect. The pure oils and butter in African black soap are rich in vitamin A, E, and essential fatty acids that help lighten discolorations and reduce scarring.


Fights Facial & Body Acne and Calms Psoriasis

Do you have dry, itchy, and flaky psoriasis patches? Then quit using harsh body washes and cleansers that contain skin-irritating chemicals & fragrances and use African black soap instead. It’s gentle, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and has moisturizing properties as well.


Reduces Oily hair
The natural cleansing and exfoliating action of African black soap remove excess sebum from deep within the pores.

Minimizes Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Did you know that African black soap is rich in antioxidants? Ingredients such as Tea tree, rosemary, and peppermint oils are potent antioxidants that ward off notorious free radicals that steal oxygen from healthy skin cells. Help lighten and reduce dark spots and marks on the skin.


Unclogs Blocked Pores
If you suffer from congested pores, use African black soap to deep cleanse and purify your skin from deep within without stripping natural oils.


Calms the red scalp and Eliminates Fungal Skin Infections
African black soap has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that fight off bacteria, fungus, and other microbes that cause skin infections.


Ingredients: Raw liquid African Black Soap, vegetable glycerine (humectant and protect), neem oil, avocado oil, argan oil, tea tree, rosemary, peppermint, and much more.

6 Oz Deep Cleanse Black Soap Shampoo

  • To preserve the freshness and quality , this produce is produced  upon order.